​Duluth City Adult Softball League

Duluth Parks and Recreation 2018 Slow Pitch Rules and ByLaws

Tentative League Starting Date: Monday, May 7th.

    a) Men's and Women's Recreational: All players must be at least 18, unless they are 17 and have just graduated high school.

    b) Co-Rec: All players must be at least 18, unless they are 17 and have just graduated high school.

        The Duluth Parks and Recreation reserves the right to reassign teams at any time in the best interest of league parity.

    a) The team entry fee for 2018 is $541.88 (Including Tax). Entry fee includes city provided (2) softballs per game,

        trophies, and field maintenance material. The fee is non-refundable whether a team drops or is disqualified. 

        Taxes are a new state mandate on all athletic field rentals and sports league.

                        Entry Fee Breakdown

                        League Entry Fee               $500.00

                        MN State Tax 6.875%           $34.38

                        Duluth City Sales Tax 1%       $5.00

                        Special Use Tax 0.5%             $2.50

                        Total                                    $541.88
        Fees may be paid online or at Parks and Recreation Office, 411 West First Street, Ground Floor, Duluth,

        Minnesota, 55802; between the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm. Issue one check payable to the City of Duluth.

        Registration will not be accepted without FULL payment.
    c) Umpires will be paid directly by teams before start of each game. 

              • Forfeited games will result in the forfeiting team to pay $25 forfeit fee to the league manager before

                their next scheduled game. (fee covers umpire cost for the forfeited game)

              • If the fee is not paid before the following week's game that team will not be allowed to play and

                will result in a forfeit.

                      (a) This forfeit will result in paying an additional $25 forfeit fee to cover the umpire fees for that game.

                      (b) Teams that have 3 forfeits will be removed from the league.
    d) Registration after April 20th, will be accepted if space is available. There will be an additional $50.00 fee

        for late registration.
    e) A mandatory managers meeting will be as follows: The managers meeting will take place during the week of

       April 23rd. Specific meeting date, time and location will be posted on the League website www.zenithcitysoftball.com

       The League Director will notify team managers, if meeting information changes once posted.

    a) The roster limit is 20 - this includes players and manager. Rosters must have a minimum
        of 12 players when rosters are initially turned in to the League. Rosters are to be signed by all managers,

        players and subs playing on that team. Players only allowed to play on one team per night, per division.

    b) Rosters are due by Thursday, June 8th. Turn rosters in at the Wheeler Concession Stand.

               •  Concessions Open  •  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  •  5:30pm -8:30pm  •

    c) The team manager should submit the change of roster form at least 24 hours prior to the next scheduled
        game. Rosters may NOT be altered after June 14th. (Rosters may be changed though Friday,
        June 15th by 4:30pm)

            Exception: See Hardship Rule - Roster instructions. If a team roster is submitted with incomplete
            player information (missing addresses, zip code, phone, ect) that a player's name will be removed
            from the roster. The individual will not be allowed to participate in the league until the information
            is supplied. This must be accomplished by June 15th.

    e) All players on the roster may need to prove identity, if requested by an official. Players are to have

        identification on them or in dugouts upon time of request or will be considered an ineligible player.

        Players unable to provide identification will be considered an ineligible player and the team will receive

        a forfeit loss and the ineligible player will be suspended from the Duluth leagues for the entire season

        or that remaining.

    a) Umpires will be assigned by the league director, Rich McArthur (218-310-4553). All league games will be
        worked by one (1) umpire. All umpires are required to appear in proper USA uniforms and are to be
        worn properly.
    b) Complaints regarding an umpire (such as improper uniform, conduct, knowledge of the rules, ect.) should
        be reported to the league director. Only complaints sent in writing within 48 hours will be considered valid.

    c) Umpires are to fill out score cards for each game officiated and record those results on the nightly score sheets.

        Both are to be filled out in legible, readable manner. Score cards are to be turned in at the Concessions at the

        completion of officiated games.

    d) All Umpires that officiate for the City of Duluth League are to have paid and registered with the League Officiating Faction.

In an attempt to improve communication regarding the cancellation of softball games the following procedures will be implemented:
    a) At 3:30pm, the initial decision will be made on whether games will be played or postponed. Cancellation
        information will be posted on the website - www.zenithcitysoftball.com and/or facebook page.

        ONLY league managers may call the League Line (218-730-4321).
    b) Games postponed due to weather will be rescheduled for the same weeknight (Monday - Thursday) one (1)
        week following the end of the regular season. If more than one (1) game is postponed, rescheduled time is
        going to be decided during the managers.
    c) A complete game consists of four (4) complete innings.

Playing rules shall be USA Softball except as herein stated. Local rules will supersede any State or National rules.

    a) Protests and Disputes: During a game, if a situation warrants grounds for protest, notice of protest must be
        made to the official at the time of the infraction. Protest on judgment calls will not be accepted.

        If a team desires to file a protest or dispute, a $25 Protest and Dispute fee is required. The written protest/
        dispute along with the fee, must be submitted to the City of Duluth, Parks and Recreation, 411 West First
        Street, Ground Floor, Duluth, Minnesota 55802. The discretion of the league director determines the
        outcome of a protest or dispute. If the protest is disallowed, the $25 fee will be placed in the Special
        League account. If the protest is allowed, the protest fee will be returned to the protesting team. Any time
        a protest if filed, the game shall be completed with the exception of city playoffs.

​        Protests on eligibility MUST be made before or during a game - protest after an officially completed game will not

        be considered valid. A protest on an ineligible player should be made to the official. The protesting team must

        first provide picture ID's to the umpire for all players. If the protesting team is authenticated, then the team accused

        of an ineligible player must provide picture ID's to the umpire for all players. If a player is deemed ineligible, that

        team is deemed ineligible, that team will lose by forfeit.

    b) Forfeit Time: The forfeit time is the scheduled game time. A team may start a game wi
th eight (8) players
        but cannot complete a game with less than eight (8) players. Teams should be ready to play at their
        scheduled game time. If a player(s) are playing on a men's/women's and coed team that same night, officials

        will wait for completion of previous game. This will only occur if that player(s) are rostered on both teams.
    c) Time Limit: Umpires have been instructed that prior to the start of the game, both managers should be
        notified of the starting time of their game. When one (1) hour has elapsed the umpire will notify both
        managers that they will complete the inning in progress. At the end of that inning, the game is over.
        Should a game end in a tie, it remains a tie. AT NO TIME after the time limit has elapsed will extra innings
        be allowed, even if it is the last game scheduled for that evening.
    d) 3/2 Count: 3/2 Count (Three (3) Balls, Two (2) Strikes) with no courtesy foul shall apply in all games.
    e) "AH" (Additional Hitter) and Re-Entry Rule: See USA Softball Rule Book.
    f) Run Rule:

        20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 inning and 10 runs after 5 innings.

        If a team is ahead by runs indicated at the end of run rule inning (at the inning half if the home team is ahead)

        the umpire will declare them the winning team. However, if the run rule is in effect after completing run rule inning,

        the team behind by shall be given the opportunity to complete their inning. Mercy rule can be enforced by the umpire.
    g) Home Run Rule: The following home run rule shall be used for the designated leagues:
          • All Men's, Women's and Co-Rec Leagues.

          • Homerun limit for all city leagues is 4 homeruns per team, per game. 
          • Untouched home runs over the fence in excess of the allowed number shall be declared as outs.
            All other home run criteria shall follow the current USA Softball rule book.
    h) Best Ball Rule: The umpire will provide one new game ball per team, per game. Teams are expected to retrieve

         foul and homerun balls in a timely manner. If not retrieved and official does not have a ball, batting team is to

         provide acceptable, playable ball.
    i) Home Team: The home team will be determined by a coin flip for all league and playoff games.

    j) Equipment:
        • Metal Spikes are prohibited in all slow pitch leagues.

        • All bats must be approved slow pitch USA/ASA. Approved USSSA Bats are allowed for use in all slow pitch leagues only.
        • Bats allowed for tournaments are at the discretion of the tournament director.

        • Balls will be optic yellow. Men's 12" 52/300, "ASA Classic M" stamped logo. Women's 11" 44/375,

          "ASA Classic W" stamped logo.

    i) Stealing: Stealing is not allowed for any league games. Runner must be in contact will base until ball is hit or Batter walks.

    a) Practice: Reservations are not accepted. Practice use will be on first-come, first-serve basis.

        Teams cannot use the fields once they are groomed for games. If infield has been striped, players are to warmup

        outside the infield or in the outfield. Practice is limited to one (1) hour per team.
    b) League Championship: The league Champions will be determined by the best record. All ties for league
        champion will be determined by one of the following criteria:

        • Head-to-Head competition;

        • Score differential; or

        • Playoff game.

         The status of each league championship and runner up will be reviewed each year. After review this may result in a team    

         being moved up at the discretion of the league director.

    c) State Tournaments and City Playoff:
        • All teams will be offered the opportunity to compete in Region or State Tournaments. Teams will be
          classified by the League Director. Teams will be required to pay the State Tournament entry fee.
        • City Playoff will start the first week after league play ends. Playoff draw is based on standings
          through 13 weeks.

        • Only players whose names appear on a completed roster will be eligible for post-season tournaments.
        • Players can compete in only one USA Softball Region or Post Season Tournament. If they do not notify the
          League Director of their choice, they will be eligible for the first tournament they compete in only. Players
          caught playing in more than one (1) tournament in the same class will be suspended for one entire year.
        • It is the responsibility of each manager to insure their rosters are correct. During City Playoffs, players
          found to be ineligible shall automatically be suspended from all City of Duluth sponsored sport programs
          for one (1) year. Players are only allowed to play on one team per league division per night during playoffs.  

          Teams found to be using ineligible players shall forfeit that game and be removed from the tournament.

          Playoffs will be played on the same night as regular season games. There will be no all city finals.
        • The 2018 City Playoff Bracket Structure is single elimination, unless determined otherwise.


    d) Conduct of Players and Managers:
        • A player or manager striking or handling an official or supervisor will be immediately suspended. The
          penalty could be a permanent suspension from any and/or all sports sponsored by the Parks and
          Recreation. Also, if his/her team does not properly control him/her, the team could be suspended for
          the remainder of the season.
        • Any player, manager or coach ejected from a game will be automatically suspended for one (1) week
          (this includes all teams that the individual plays for.) Two such ejections are grounds for league
          suspension. Illegal players and players not on the roster are subject to a one (1) year suspension in
          all City of Duluth Sports.
        • Managers must support the officials in exercising their authority on the playing field and should back
          up that authority. Only managers should address the umpires.
        • Any player intentionally throwing a bat will be called out immediately and ejected from the game.
        • Managers will be held accountable for the eligibility of the players on their team. It is the manager's
          responsibility to insure that their players meet all eligibility requirements at all times. Teams may be
          suspended from failure to follow the rules listed above.
        • All alcohol consumed at Wheeler Complex, within the fenced area, must be purchased at the
          concession stand. No alcohol is allowed on the field of play.

   e) Disqualifications:
        The City reserves the right to impose at any type of suspension of unsportsmanlike conduct at any time.

        Team sponsors will be notified in regard to player ejections and team suspensions. The following are
        potential means for disqualification:

        • Failure to comply with eligibility rules
        • Commission of fraud, such as playing under an assumed name, falsifying a roster or giving false information.
        • Unsportsmanlike conduct.

    f)  Trophies: Team trophies will be awarded to the League and City Champions.
    g) Insurance: The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation DOES NOT provide insurance for teams and participants.
    h) Manager Changes: Any manager change should be reported to the league director as soon as possible.
    i) The League Director: At his/her discretion, with the best interest of the leagues and program in mind, the
        league director has the authority to administer all softball leagues in the entire softball program.
    j) Publication of Schedules and League Standings: Schedules will be posted at Wheeler Field
        and on the website: www.zenithcitysoftball.com.